Seven Reasons Why Teachers Need To Be Outstanding!

Hot PersonalitiesWe’ve had the Seven Dwarves, the Magnificent Seven, the Seven Intelligences and the Seven Habits. Perhaps you remember hearing about the Seven Heavenly Virtues; or even the Seven Deadly Sins. So while we’re on the Seven theme, let’s have a look at Seven of the Reasons why teachers need to be outstanding.

1. Their students learn more effectively. Yes, it’s pretty obvious, yet it still needs to be listed here. When teachers are outstanding, they get results. And they’re the type of results that really count. Not just academic (which are obviously important), but sociological, and even spiritual.

2. Teachers develop strong foundations for future learning. If children receive a quality education in their 1st 3 years of school, they are much more likely to succeed all through their further education. And, firm ‘n fair guidance in their final years of schooling can accomplish the same results for their future careers. Outstanding teachers provide those strong foundations for a student’s learning and life.

3. The power of a teacher’s words changes lives. We need assured and responsible people in teaching who choose their words with care. Every word that a teacher says can influence a young person for life. For Life! The ripple effect of seemingly innocuous comments can instil hope in young hearts, and change their lives forever. Kids need hope for a good life up ahead, and it can come from the inspiring words they hear each day.

4. Teachers provide exemplary modelling. Young people need to spend time with adults who demonstrate what it means to live an awesome life. Otherwise, they will wonder whether it’s worth even getting to adulthood. Given the amount of time that teachers spend with children, there is no other choice. We need some Hot Personalities in teaching who are vibrant about life.

5. Their own learning determines their quality of teaching. If teachers are helping others to learn, then they need to be obsessive learners themselves. This keeps them at the forefront of their field of expertise, and they can then best support their students with their extensive knowledge and wisdom. Teachers who are great learners are great teachers.

6. Their rapport with students will determine how well those students learn. Teaching is a ‘relationship’ profession.  When students feel that they belong to a supportive community of learners, their brain engages more effectively. These safe classrooms are created by teachers who steadily build up rapport and trust with their classes every day. Outstanding teachers work continuously on developing those relationships with every student, without exception.

7. Because it’s personal for each and every one of us. One day, you might be teaching my child / grandchild / niece / nephew. I want each of them to live an extraordinary life. And if teachers are outstanding, then it gives those young people a better chance to fulfil that destiny. Could they have done it without great teachers? Perhaps. Are they more likely to achieve this amazing life when teachers support them? Absolutely.


The very future of life on this planet is determined strongly by the collective quality of teachers everywhere. Do whatever you can to support teachers to be outstanding.

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