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Kids' Skills

It’s the everyday unsettling issues with young people that can wear you down as a teacher (and a parent). I’ve met many people who have had their life compromised by the negative behaviours of even a single child.

If you fit into that category, then it’s worth having a quick look at the Kids’ Skills program. I’ll only promote something when I believe that it truly is worthwhile… and this one ticks all of the boxes. Finnish psychotherapist Ben Furman is the author of this magic little framework.

Kids Skills is based on the notion that young people do not actually have problems, only skills they have not yet learned. According to the book, most issues that confront children – the fears, the bad habits, and the many possible disorders – need to be perceived as undeveloped skills. And by learning the relevant skills, children overcome the corresponding problems.

It is based upon the implementation of 15 steps. Deeply impressive. As much as anything else, I love the proactive approach. There are no problems, only solutions waiting to be found. The world could do with more of it.