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Collective Intelligence??!

What’s goin’ on around here??! Is it really possible that the concept of collective consciousness is about to become an everyday reality??!! Could we soon see millions of people from all corners of the planet who are collaborating on solutions to planetary issues? Will we eventually become a united learning entity, fully engaged in inquiry on a range of social, scientific and educational issues? Get ready for the Collective Classroom.

The annual Horizon Report outlines some core possibilities on near-future applications to higher education (and, eventually, I believe, to other ed levels). Some neat stuff here. On the ‘near-horizon’ (less than one year to mainstream take-up), they discuss Grassroots Video and Collaboration Webs. On the mid-horizon (2 to 3 yrs), they list Mobile Broadband and Data Mashups, while Social Operating Systems and Collective Intelligence feature on the Far Horizon (4 to 5 yrs from now).

This concept of Collective Intelligence is really sparking me. Some points about it can be found here. I’m probably spinning too hard here, yet I believe that we’re seeing the early emergence of a valid everyday application of collective consciousness around the world. A Classroom of Collective Intelligence. Too far-fetched? Maybe. Maybe not.

The Collective Classroom could involve hundreds of millions of students being supported by millions of teachers. One day, I’ll have a go at drafting out more of the possible details of this concept. Admittedly, for now, it’s more in my heart than my head. A gut feeling. Yet I’ll bet that it happens sooner rather than later.

Have a look at this video. Four minutes of collaboration from musicians everywhere. Just imagine music / art / scientific experiments / philosophies / learning experiences being crafted in a similar manner.

And on a much more simple and lighter note (so to speak), check this piece of music out. Obviously, there is nothing new to connective ventures. What will become exhilarating will be the breadth and depth of these collaborations.