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Logorrhoea rating??

What’s your logorrhoea rating?? Verbal diarrhoea in other words. I work on a premise that a 100% rating is perfect. Succinct presentation, with the minimum words required to make your point. A 200% rating (yeah, I know, my math is a bit screwed up) means that you say twice as much as you need to. 400% means that anyone in your session / classes will be asleep within 3 minutes.

Getting a fraction more serious here (but only just). Too many teachers talk too much. Oh yes they do. And, given that, my explicit concern is that there may still be a strongly behaviourist model of instruction involved. In the past 3 years, I’ve been in 100s of classrooms, and I’m yet to find the students who actually enjoyed being lectured at all day (and it doesn’t matter HOW good a ‘lecturer’ you are).

Think constructivism. Think connectivism. Most educators complain about student ‘motivation’. Then do something about it. Engage them in inquiry-based learning experiences that tap into their own expertise / experiences / interests. The day that we each realise that classrooms are all about them, and not just us, is when we reach our professional nirvana. And I guarantee that you’ll need to talk less.

Getting a fraction less serious here about the verbal dynamic. Perhaps you need the Education Bingo card. A close relative of the Bullship Bingo card. Perfect for those long-winded staff meetings. Or even for your students in your lessons, if you have the nerve.

Maybe you could even design your own.

If you use it in a staff meeting, just watch out for the humour-challenged. They don’t always appreciate it.