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Donating It Forward

Are you familiar with the concept of Pay It Forward? A neat little book, and movie, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Well, I am. And so I’ve teamed up with a Sydney colleague called Blake Beattie to offer a variation on this Pay It Forward.

It’s called Donate It Forward, and it’s meant to challenge people on the way that they’ll make use of our prime minister’s largesse. Namely, the $900 handout that will soon end up in many Aussie’s pockets.

So, rather than just spend it on yourself, we’re asking people to donate part or all of it to a registered charity that could most definitely make use of the money.

Our initial target is that 10 000 people will donate $50 each. A total of $500 000. And just imagine the possibilities if a million people donated $500 each. I can only dream.

And yet, who knows. The world is giving us messages right now about our selfish selves. Maybe it’s about time that we learned to recognise that we’re all in this scene together. And sometimes, that means that we need to support others who are less fortunate.