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Latest Learnings

OK OK. I’ll blog more often. It has been subtly pointed out to me by several that the purpose of a blog is to blog. Consistently. Fair enough. I’ve just been busy lately (who hasn’t?!).

Here are two for now. Have just spent a couple of days in Dunedin. Beautiful city. I really could live there (except for the cold. brrr. Even in March). Stayed with Greg Carroll and his magic family. Greg’s principal of Outram School, and I was lucky to work with them for a day (minus an hour of delay as I circled up above the fog).

Greg is one of the sharper ICT minds I’ve met in NZ; and he has a fantastic blog. Worth a look. Love the latest video he’s added. Just priceless. His heading: What is this foreign technology? To fully appreciate this one, you need to have seen the Medieval Helpdesk video (at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQHX-SjgQvQ)

Learning No. 2. Machima. Had heard of it, yet never really explored it. Wow. Saw this while I was conversing with Greg as well. He tells me that some very young kids in an art class just wanted to watch this over and over. I can understand why. I wanted to watch it over and over. And I’ve always loved this piece of music as well. Do yourself a favour. Go get a drink, settle back, and spend 4 mins just marvelling at this work.