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New Directions

One of the many fantastic ideas I’ve seen recently. This is a Friendship Seat, one of several that are placed around the beautifully designed Willowbank School in Auckland. Basically, whenever children have no-one to play with at lunchtime, they can sit on this seat; and someone will come over and invite them to join in with their games.

Maybe we need variations on these all over the world. Why not put them in city centres? Or on neighbourhood street corners? Or even on the borderline between warring countries?

Some new directions coming up for me. And partly triggered by the amount of travel I’ve done recently. Up to last Saturday, I had been away for 23 out of 32 days (even though some of that was a holiday in Sth America). Not on. Well, not all at once anyway.

As part of those days, I had a fantastic series of visits throughout beautiful (although a bit cool) NZ. I’m constantly astonished by the professionalism of the Kiwi teachers who attend sessions during their holidays. Yeah, I know, they can be ‘legally’ required to attend. Yet they don’t sit there and sulk about it; they fully engage. Bliss. For me as facilitator, for them in terms of their spirit, and for their students, who (hopefully) will benefit.

And so, my new directions. Have been approached to conduct a series of sessions for various adult learning organisations, and I’m finding that I’m really enjoying the variations (andragogy as compared to pedagogy).

However, a really big one is the work that I’ll be doing over the next six months or so with AISQ (Association of Independent Schools of Qland). Probably a total of 30 days or so. With a focus on ICT + pedagogy. All very exciting, partly because it’s really going to stretch my thinking, and also because they’re a great group to work with.

And although it’s only a small part of the whole issue, I won’t have to walk through Brisbane airport as often. I’ll be able to stay in my hometown (which is basking in 21 degree sunshine right now). Bliss.