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Generation WE

Given that I wrote a book called The Ripple Effect, I’m strongly supportive of grassroots movements. And I now believe that the time has come (OK OK, so it’s the most well-worn cliche around. Only, this time, it’s for real) to watch for the rising influence of the everyday citizen.

We now have the capacity (through online social networking environments) to collectively enact some substantive changes, and even more so, we have the driving forces (recessions?? environmental issues? social justice concerns?) that will compel / encourage / inspire many of us to participate.

If you have a spare 4 mins, it’s worth having a look at the Gen WE video. A bit saccharine for some tastes; and yet, it provides an inkling of the social movements that are already being unleashed. It’s the energy behind these movements that fascinates me. Just imagine a world in which (nearly) everyone becomes involved in creating the viable futures we all want to see. Wow.

If the video does it for you, then have a look at their Generation WE site. A compelling vision. What could YOU do in your own part of the world??!