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Becoming a google groupie

Nah. I probably won’t end up becoming a google groupie. I have too much else to get excited about. Have to admit, though. I’ve found out about some of their more recent initiatives; and I can’t help but express admiration for them.

Here are a few:

Google Wonderwheel. Just do a normal search eg for ‘pedagogy’. Then click on to Show Options up in the top left corner. A list will appear on the left. From that list, click on to Wonderwheel. It converts your search into a simple wheel, with the search topic in the middle, and some core sub-topics around the wheel. If you then click on to one of those sub-topics, a new wheel is created around that sub-title. I love this. Have always felt a little uneasy about the endless list that appears on a google search. Doesn’t really place the searches into context with the info you’re after. This will make it much easier for kids to see that context.

Google Timeline. In the same left side column, you’ll also discover Timeline. While in the same search (eg for ‘pdagogy’), this will place the one million (or more) searches into a time line, from the date of the very first recorded article about the topic, through to the very latest (eg from 1794 to 2009). Not only that, a timeline appears at the top of the page, and gives an illustrated graphic formation that shows how many articles were written in specific years.

Google Squared. I love this one (and it’s not that I don’t like the other two). You need to go directly to Google Squared, and again, put in a search eg Science Fiction novels. Just have a look. If you love to use a matrix to organise info, you’ll get high on this. Guaranteed.