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The next 5000 days of the web

Like most people who are a little techno-proficient, I’m into the TED talks. Some are great; some are just so-so. Yet now and again, a pretty special talk comes along. I put this one in that category. Kevin Kelly points out that the internet is now 5000 days old; and so he conjectures on what the next 5000 days may bring. Some fascinating possibilities offered here. Worth spending the next 19.34 hanging in on this.

The Sixth Sense

Have you ever pondered why Information Technology has arrived at this point in world history?? Yes, it’s all part of the advancements in scientific fields that have accelerated over the past few hundred years. Yet I suspect that there is more to it than the inexorable progress of human endeavour.

My contention, in part, is that the present and pending technologies will eventually remind us of what we have always been able to do ourselves.

For example, some rudimentary BrainCaps can already be used to move the cursor on your computer screen; or to turn your TV on. Within five years, they will become the latest form of mobile phone. You will simply transmit your thoughts (and only the ones that you choose to send, hopefully) to another BrainCap.

Around 2025, someone will wake up to the reality that they’ll be able to transmit their thoughts to someone else… without using their braincap.

Farfetched? Hardly. Have a look at the 8-min video that I’ve pasted up the top. It’s an early version of what this US technology group calls ‘The Sixth Sense’. My bind moggles as I ponder the exponential possibilities with these applications.