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Wikis for beginners

One of the neatest intros to wikis that I’ve ever seen. Thanks to Fiona Grant for putting me on to this video. Fiona is an eLearning facilitator for the Central North Shore ICT PD cluster in Auckland. Working with them in a few weeks. Love their enthusiasm. Can’t wait.

As soon as you watch this video, you’ll realise the power of wikis in classroom learning. And while it’s running, think about all of the possible applications for your own teaching.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/-dnL00TdmLY" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Wiki Warriors

Just arrived back from a great dinner with some wonderful friends. And fantastic to meet up with Julia (pronounced: Ulia) who we met in Mexico at the start of 07, and is staying in Brisbane for a few months.

Anyway, we had a talk with Tom, who is 19, and one of the smarter people I’ve ever met. He tells me about a concept that is sweeping through the uni student world at the moment. Known as Wiki Warriors.

Do any of you remember the 6 degrees of separation stuff, and the game that used to be played in pubs? For whatever reason (and I’m still to ascertain why), it featured the actor Kevin Spacey.

The idea was that you had to determine the shortest number of connections between you, and Kevin Spacey. Eg your uncle met a politician from New Zealand, and that politician travelled to the US and met the US president, and the president once met Spacey. Thus, 4 degrees of separation between you and Spacey.

Side note: I once met a brilliant teacher who was only 3 degrees separated from Elvis Presley. And he could prove it. So beat that!

Anyway, Wiki Warriors. You are given a topic eg The Reformation, and then given another topic eg lunar craters; and you have to use any and all hyperlinks in the wikis, to track from the first to the last topic in the shortest number of jumps. Neat.

Here are a few for you. See how quickly you can move from one to the other with these:

* The ‘Golden Ratio’ to ‘Pluto’

* ‘Chinese Civil War’ to ‘nanometers’

* ‘French colonization of the Americas’ to ‘proteins’

Good luck. If nothing else, it’s a wonderful exercise for stimulating your synaptic impulsing.