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The Images Of Your Life

I’m getting very stimulated by images lately (and I’m not the only one). And I’m more and more convinced that we need to flood most learning experiences (both for ourSelves, and for our Students) with every possible visual stimulii.

Here’s a magic perspective on the use of image. Over the last 25 years of his life until his death in 1997, NY-er Jamie Livingston took a photo a day to represent his life and the workings of the community around him. You can find them all here. This is an astonishing collection of images. And it’s really got me thinking.

If I decided to take just one image to represent each day of my life, what would it be? A special person I meet; a quirky aspect of everyday existence; a place I visit that resonates with me? Perhaps a photo that best represents a new awareness?

So here’s a challenge for you as a teacher. Imagine setting up a photo wall (a real wall in your classroom/s; or perhaps an online wall) and taking just one special image each day that represents the experiences and passions of the learnings in that day. Put a date on it; and post it up. If you get around to doing this, please send me a photo of the photos. You’ll make my day.

Images and imaginings

Visual literacy is here and now. I suspect that it’s a combination of the present emphasis upon multi-media stimulation, and our ageless fascination with visual stimulus. Let’s face it. Regardless of whether or not one considers oneself to be a ‘visual’ learner, who isn’t inspired by a one-in-a-lifetime sunset on top of an isolated mountain range???

For now, let’s focus in on everyday lessons. When you seek to inspire students, how specifically do you use visual stimulii? Seriously, how much do you avail yourself of the eye candy of learning?? Brightly coloured whiteboard markers? Massive charts? Sharp punchy videos? A series of inspiring images?? And hopefully, with many of those images coming straight out of your own digital camera…ie the one that just travelled overseas; or into the depths of your own community.

I’m challenging myself to use more and more images in my lessons (with kids) and with my facilitations (with older kids ie YOU). And my blunt observation is: The more images (and the fewer words) that I use, the more engaged are the audience.

One day (and not too far away), I’m going to facilitate a classroom lesson that exclusively uses images. And around the same time, I’ll do the same with a conference keynote. That’s my challenge for the next few months. More visual. Less text.

And don’t get me ‘wrong’ here. I love language. Really does it for me. Makes me tingle, I assure you. I’m just very intrigued by what advances deep learning. And a distinct sign of the times is that it will occur more frequently when we employ the visual. So what could YOU do to enhance the visual literacy in your teachings??

Just to add a whiff of intrigue to the visual of life, let’s have a look at Harris Burdick. The illustration up above is one of his. The lead title is ‘The Seven Chairs.’ The sub-title is: ‘The fifth chair ended up in France.’ Magic. A delicious narrative behind it all, I can tell you. Thanks to Joan Dalton for putting me on to this. I can guarantee that these images will be used in my next writing lesson with ANY age group. I’ll simply adjust to suit the maturity.

You can find all of the images here. I’ve already profiled these images to people of all ages. And the responses are invariably very creative. So here’s the deep spirit stuff again. Some gifted individuals such as this guy just seem to align with something that draws out the best in the rest of us. Perhaps you’re one of them. In your very next lesson. Of life.