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  • Tony Ryan’s brain inspires the kind of thinking I didn’t know I was capable of. Thinking big has always been a strength for me, but in Tony’s session I expanded the vision of my business and started to see how to begin to implement that vision. If you are looking for information to get your people thinking and acting in a big way, look no further than Tony Ryan.

    Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl® The voice of Siri
  • Tony Ryan is an extraordinary speaker who has the ability to convey thought provoking insights that push you to challenge yourself.

    Heather Smith, Author Xero for Dummies ★ Speaker ★ Chartered Certified Accountant
  • “Tony Ryan is the man! Please invite him to speak again…! He was worth flying to NZ for alone!!!!!!!!”

    ULearn Conference attendee, NZ
  • Tony is an inspirational leader in education and an engaging and thought provoking speaker. I have been lucky enough to engage with Tony on more than 3 occasions at various education conferences and everytime I come away with more amazing ideas and inspiration. Tony is always positive and asks thought provoking questions to help you get the most out of you. I look forward to continuing this connection and I highly recommend Tony to anyone in Education. An amazing and inspirational education expert!

    Craig Kemp, Head of ICT and Learning Innovation at Avondale Grammar School, Singapore

Social Justice

Ever heard someone talking about finding some balance in his or her life? …. More

The Ripple Effect

Examples of social justice actions that make a positive difference


Practical material for helping young people to take action with a social justice project.